What you should do in Ha Long Bay this winter

What you should do in Ha Long Bay this winter
Ha Long Bay

US Magazine Condé Nast Traveler has introduced a black and white photo collection of Ha Long Bay on its website along with suggestions of things to enjoy at the UNESCO World Heritage Site this winter.

The photos were taken by US freelancer Lucy Sexton who is living and working in Hanoi.

Starting the Hanoi-Ha Long tour by bus in 4 hours, visitors can enjoy Pho Ga (chicken noodle soup) in Hanoi early morning and then watch Hong (Red River) when crossing Long Bien Bridge which was built in 1899.

Visitors can watch clean blue water of Ha Long Bay and thousands of 20 million-year old limestone islands from Dragon’s Pearl Yacht.

Limestone islands become highlight of the bay through black and white photos.

Visitors can row kayak and join other activities on the bay like swimming, studying daily life of local fishermen, enjoying seafood dishes and watching stalactites on limestone caves.

It is very enjoyable to taste a cup of coffee in a cold winter day in Ha Long Bay.

Dragon’s Pearl Yacht

Rowing kayak on Ha Long Bay

Rowing kayak on Ha Long Bay

Limestone islands

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